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A quote from Alexander Bell

Our quote today from Alexander Bell, who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone rings as true today as it did all the way back in the 19th century when he describes the telephone as ‘the ultimate tool in bringing people together and bridging distances’, and in real terms it also remains ‘a marvel of modern communication’ although we have seen plenty of progress in technology since then!

And what could be better than bringing people together via our virtual receptionist service?! Not only can we answer your telephone, but we can repsond to social media, manage live chat and even answer your emails, so you will never miss an important call again. In business of course; it translates into retention and referrals via great customer service.

Call us today on 020-3970-5550 to discuss your company’s ideal telephone answering solution. At Perfect Reception, we have a proven track record of exceptional customer service and combine this with being approximately half the cost of other leading providers.

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