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The dangers of burn out for small business owners

Are you or your team in danger of burn out? Burn out is not simply a case of working too hard or being under too much pressure; it is a response to chronic stressors that are not managed.

It is also a specific type of work-related stress, defined as a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. In the workplace it can reduce your team’s productivity and lead to feelings of apathy and detachment.
An uncomplicated way to help your team with potential burn out is to use a telephone answering company. Here are our top reasons as to why it helps…
– It stops unwanted interruptions, meaning that your team can focus and complete the work they need to.
– We can filter your enquiries, meaning that your team do not waste any of their time and therefore feel like they have more of it.
– We become a barrier between yourselves and the caller, particularly if the call’s subject is emotional.
– Once a caller has spoken to a ‘real person’ your team can then contact them back in a method they prefer.
– We allow for flexible working hours, without your customers feeling a drop in service. Meaning that Directors and Managers can say yes to more of those time off or extra training requests.

Contact us on 020-3970-5550 to find out more or why not claim a free telephone answering trial at And don’t worry, we want that to be stress free too, so we promise no hard sell and not to take any payment details for it either.

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