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Cold calling actually works …

Cold calling actually works. Here is another great review of our Outbound calls service!


So yes, cold calling works but there are quite a few caveats to this. Firstly and critically is data compliance. Next is tone, patience, friendliness and last but by no means least, relevance. If you don’t believe that the people you are calling will have an interest in what you have to say, you shouldn’t be making the call in the first place (whether you are being paid for it or not)

A little more about our fantastic client. Martin Whiskin is an amazing voiceover artist who wanted to introduce his skills into a new industry, so teamed up with Perfect Reception to make the call volume possible.

Who would you like us to call for you? Maybe old leads, website enquiries, existing customer surveys, chasing quotes, or invoices?

Call 020 3970 5550, live chat, or send an email to to discuss your project without further obligation.

And if you would like to be introduced to the talented Martin, just let us know.

Further information regarding this service can be found at…

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