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Does taking a holiday cause you work stress?

More and more business owners and executives are using the last full month of summertime to detox and take a break, spend more time with the family, and just recharge. But that is easier said than done in today’s world, with constant communications and instant replies expected from customers. Also, for managers, it can be a stressful time, everyone wanting annual leave, yet still having to maintain high customer service levels. If you feel this way, we suggest considering an ‘overflow’ telephone answering service. This is where we can support your in-house team when they can’t answer the calls because they are busy with another call, task, or person in front of them or, of course, on holiday. In this scenario, all customers get to speak to a real person and have their questions answered. Databases can be updated, and if applicable, work smoothly redirected. Customer frustration is avoided, team members are happy, and the business continues to turn so owners can relax. 020-3970-5550

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