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Don’t let customers abandon you!!

According to research by the Baymard Institute, more than 68% of users abandon their online shopping cart. Live chat can reduce this as can managing your customers orders quickly, responsively and delivering exactly what you promise. But it isn’t alwasy that easy and Perfect Reception can help.

Live chat can help prevent abandoned online baskets by addressing customer concerns and providing real-time assistance during the shopping process. When customers encounter any issues or have questions about products, pricing, or the checkout process, having a live chat option allows them to seek immediate clarification. This instant support can eliminate uncertainties and hesitations that might lead to abandoned carts.
Furthermore, real live chat agents can offer personalised recommendations, highlight ongoing promotions, or provide assistance with any technical difficulties, streamlining the purchasing experience.

By proactively engaging with customers through live chat, businesses can create a more positive and reassuring online shopping environment, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts and increasing the chances of successful transactions.

To find out more about our managed live chat service contact us on 020 3970 5550 or chat with us at and book a free trial.

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