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Full Telephone Answering Service or Overflow?

Many people do not realise there are two main ways to have a professional telephone answering service set up from the client’s perspective…It can be either Full answering or used as Overflow.

But what is the difference? And why chose one over the other?
Full answering is when we answer each and every call. It is great for a company’s brand, reputation, and image. In some cases it is used to make the business appear larger to aid sales. People who prefer to prepare for a call before taking it, like it. People who dislike their work being interrupted love it.
‘Overflow’ is when it rings in a company’s office or premise first. Giving their team a chance to answer before it comes to us. Great for those with an in-house team who deals with the customers in front of them as well as over the phone. Or for businesses where there’s peak times in their calls, such as just before next day delivery cut off. It is also suitable for the more cost conscious.
All aspects of a service are available with both options at Perfect Reception. It is about what is right for your business, not ours. So if you would like to discuss a telephone answering service that puts you and your customers first then please contact us on 020-3970-5550.

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