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It pays for businesses to answer phones

Not worried if you don’t answer phones …?
The key is always answer phones. Lets go back to basics and look at some staggering statistics that every business that values growth and great customer service should know….

79% of people hang up when they hit a voicemail message.
78% of people want to interact with a real person when first contacting a business.It is estimated that £30 billion pounds of business is lost in the UK each year due to missed calls.20% of prospects to a business will only call them once.It takes 23 minutes on average to re focus on a task when interrupted by a spam call.So that’s why a professional telephone answering service is a must for any company – whether it is supporting your in-house receptionist team (catching all the currently missed overflow) or to cover all incoming calls.For further details or to claim a free trial, please call 020 3970 5550 or email today.

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