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It’s all about the numbers!

Our business is ALL about numbers, whether it be providing telephone numbers, answering numbers, or capturing them to pass on. So we thought we would describe Perfect Reception’s purpose in them, just in case you are unfamiliar with the professional telephone answering industry…

79% of people hang up after 3 rings or when they hit a voicemail message.
78% of people want to interact with a real person when first contacting a business.
It is estimated that £30 billion pounds of business is lost in the UK each year due to missed calls.
20% of prospects to a business will only call them once.
It takes 23 minutes on average to re focus on a task when interrupted by a spam call.
Our Monday’s cost comparison quote saved our now new client 61%!

So if you would like to improve your company’s numbers, then please contact us for perfect call answering every time.

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