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Our Team

Perfect Reception was born out of a true need from the Director’s previous companies…How to maintain high levels of customer service, whilst capturing new leads and balancing overheads. Unimpressed with the low level of personalisation and high prices offered by the market at the time, in 2018 they decided to establish their own telephone answering service. Being both the client and the service provider allowed them to fine tune their services before offering it out to others. Between them they have over 40 years of experience in business, from representing international brands globally in senior executive positions, through to founding, building and successfully selling their chain of Health Clubs, in 2021 to fully focus their efforts on Perfect Reception. And whilst the team has expanded many fold since those early days, the foundation on which the business is built, that of caring for each client as if it were their own business, will never alter.

Our team consists of articulate, dedicated individuals that have experience in direct customer service as well as receptionist duties. They benefit from strong support and a wide programme of continual professional development. Our team will become a true extension of your own. 

Our Mission

To provide the most professional, and industry leading value virtual receptionist services for any sized business. Allowing our clients…

  • the freedom to further develop their own companies.
  • to increase customer loyalty to their business via positive customer experience.
  • to focus on their growth and core skills to deliver their products and services.
  • greater flexibility.
Our Vision

To be the UK' s number one virtual services agency, through virtue of offering the best products and the best price with tailored and exceptional customer service levels.

Our Values

At Perfect Reception we believe in

  • Putting our client’s needs first.
  • Relationships matter.
  • Being transparent, open and honest with both our clients and team.
  • Striving for customer service excellence.
  • Always being respectful.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion.