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Managed Live Chat

In a world where most customers will investigate the products or services online before they make contact; having a dependable, informed, and human managed live chat service is essential for any business wishing to grow their customer base, and provide great customer service.

Perfect Reception offer live chat services powered by our team as they sit at their desks in our call centre, meaning you have reliability, great response times and fantastic live chat customer service at a fraction of the price you would expect.

Our Human Operated Live Chat Service

Having a dedicated live chat specialist can be expensive and inefficient; and particularly for smaller businesses; trying to deliver the service within your existing teams can mean extended wait times, or just plain poor service levels.

Here at Perfect Reception, our human live chat management team manage live chat for a range of clients. Whether it is new customer enquiries or logistical questions around products awaiting delivery or even bookings for the latest hot restaurant, we oversee it all. Our human live chat management prices are listed below.

Why have human managed live chat for your website?

1. Better customer service

You will be safe in the knowledge, that your customers will be looked after when they visit your website. No matter how strong and informative your website is, the opportunity to speak to a well-informed, friendly, and helpful human via a live chat service will always add strength and resonance to your brand and business.

2. More cost effective

The average time for each of our live chat managed interactions is less than two minutes, and with our industry leading prices, this means you will you will be paying an average of less than £1 to deal with any queries, and importantly each query will save you time and help you keep your customers.

3. Never lose an Enquiry

Every new enquiry to your business is gold dust. We understand because we are in business too. And whilst, we believe nothing beats a professionally managed telephone response, not every customer is ready for that voice-to-voice interaction straight away. That is why a professionally managed live chat management service is an additional gateway to potential new customers and enquiries.

4. Support your Existing Team

Whether you are a legal services business, an online retailer, or a busy event related company in the Hospitality industry; our Live chat management service will ensure that you are deploying hugely cost-effective outsourcing services to support your existing team framework. And we design our live chat management service to your precise specification, meaning we can arrange call backs or directly transfer more complex or larger customer queries or leads straight across to you, as required.

Pay as you Go Live Chat Management or Packages

As you will see from our pricing packages below our Live Chat management services start from just £35 per month, with the first 35 minutes for free so the service is designed to be affordable for all. Whether you are an online retailer requiring a more reliable and informed live chat management service, or a fantastic events and hospitality business who want to ensure the larger or more complex bookings are never missed, our live chat management service is designed for you.

What is included in our Human Live Chat Management Service?

Whilst our standard package offers human live chat management during extended office hours (call us for details if you have specific requirements as we can be flexible around this), our live chat service include some AI solutions that mean a clever and responsive solution for your customers operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

All our human live chat management services offer:

Why not consider an Integrated Service?

Our business telephone answering price packages are also industry leading, meaning that whatever the remote method of enquiry that your customers or potential customers are using, the response will always be professional, informed, and seamless. A selection of our testimonials are below, and our five stars google rating mixed with what we genuinely believe are the best prices in the UK for business telephone answering and live chat management services, means you never need to look elsewhere.

Why are Perfect Reception different?

We are small enough to care about every customer, which is why our directors are always available to talk and answer any questions that you may have (just call us and ask for Mark or Lynda and you will always get a call back directly from us). But we are big enough to invest in the best technology, big enough to be innovative meaning you will always get the best solutions from us, and big enough to depend on. Whilst we have designed the business to provide the best pricing for business telephone answering, live chat management and our other services; we never ever compromise on customer service.

There are one or two other differences as well. If you take a look at our competition, it is rare that they will come anywhere near our pricing packages, (indeed we constant price check to ensure we offer the best packages); however, we are entirely transparent in our pricing so individual additional items such as transferring of calls or changes to personnel are always free of charge.

Finally (and crucially) all our services are charged to the nearest second. We do not ‘round up’ to the nearest minute and this makes a tremendous difference to the price you will pay. We operate honestly, fairly, and transparently, and that is why we genuinely believe we are the absolute best business telephone answering and live chat management company out there.

What People Are Saying

"Makes my life so much easier! Perfect Reception deal with my calls and bookings whilst my team can focus on looking after my clients. Business is better, thanks to Perfect Reception!"
"As my client base is largely the older generation, it's great to have a helpful and friendly first point of call when I am unavailable. My clients are forever telling me how lovely the girls in the office are when they phone."
"Fantastic for dealing with the call enquiries when I am focusing on my clients and in meetings. Great service, and cost effective too!"


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