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Order Management and Customer Service

Order management may seem like a back-end function, and in today’s world much of it can be automated, but it remains critical to the customer experience and any retailer offering an online experience will recognise this. Using in house resource can be time and resource intensive, particularly for online entrepreneurs who are working hard to grow their brand. At Perfect Reception we can represent your brand from end to end and deal with any incoming queries your customer may have, from order tracking to offering more general customer assistance as briefed by yourself. We handle thousands of queries a day working with whatever CRM tool our customers need us to interface with; be it via email, telephone, live chat or via social media. Our retail customers know that whatever the query, each customer is managed professionally and promptly; leaving them safe in the knowledge that their existing customers are being cost effectively managed within their specified guidelines, enabling them to focus on growing their customer base.

Why outsource your Order and Customer Management to Perfect Reception?

We will work with your CRM system across all customer touch points

Regardless of volume whether you are an established online retailer or still in the early stages of your business, you need fast corrective action undertaken by efficient people whenever there is an incoming query. A customer whose expectations aren’t met is a customer lost. Some of our customers are still at a stage where they ship a handful of orders a week, whereas some are shipping thousands of items a day. They all need to know that their customer orders are managed and looked after in a cost-effective way that doesn’t damage their margins but assures them of a professional standard consistently. That’s what we deliver.

We love the detail

We will love your products and be passionate about your brand. We train our teams to not only understand the detail around your product or service, but we will often make a purchase ourselves to get a true experience and genuinely immerse ourselves in your business. We understand the importance of living the product and believing our clients products are the best out there and it is a privilege to be an ambassador to your brand. This enthusiasm will always shine through to your customers, and every happy customer makes a returning customer more likely.

Efficient, Effective and an Eye for Detail

Managing thousands of orders means we appreciate that errors happen, but in our experience a friendly and professional human voice dealing with issues promptly and effectively is nearly priceless to a business. You cannot emphasise the importance of managing a frustrated customer well, and to do this effectively, you need to know your product, know how to address the issue and ensure that at the end of the point of engagement, the customer leaves the call happier and with your reputation intact, or even improved. We relentlessly train our teams to understand the importance and the value of all this, day in and day out.

We are not even remotely remote

We understand people need a work life balance but anyone who takes the entrepreneurial path understands that this isn’t always an option when running a business. As such when representing our customers our teams work in a UK based and supervised environment and everyone works on site. We believe that if you want a happy, motivated team they need support, direction and to feel valued. We work incredibly hard to ensure we achieve this, and we hugely value and appreciate our colleagues. That’s why you can feel safe in the knowledge that as an extension of your business, the team at Perfect Reception are a team you’d want to work with, and for you.

The latest technology and seamless compatibility for every customer

Whatever your CRM system and however you manage your order processing, we can work with it. Often today, business service companies talk about how cutting edge they are, but in actual fact in today’s cloud based interfaces, working and aligning with a CRM system (even if it is bespoke) is dependant less on the technology as generally we can all access this, and more on understanding how the customer wants things done, when they want them done by, and which channels they prefer you to communicate through. You can trust your business with us whatever processes you deploy.

What People Are Saying

"Perfect Reception are managing our email accounts, telephone lines and Facebook Pages. We are very impressed how quick and efficient set up was and have been pleased with how they have got to grips with knowledge of our products. We have received comments about how professional our phone handling is (we never got comments like that before!) Thank you Charlotte and team! 😀"
Francesca Gubbay