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Don’t ‘do’ bad customer service

On average, 49% of customers have left a brand in the past 12 months due to bad customer experience. Meaning customers are no longer willing to put up with feeling frustrated.

A straightforward way to alleviate this customer disappointment is with a professional telephone answering service. It provides a reliable and efficient means for individuals to be heard without employment costs or hassle for the business. Our service ensures that calls are answered promptly, preventing encounters with engaged tones, long wait times, or the frustration of reaching a voicemail.

By offering a professional, experienced, and courteous voice on the other end of the line, we create a positive first impression and assure callers that their enquiries or concerns are being attended to. In addition, we can book appointments or transfer the call to the correct representative, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the frustration associated with missed or mishandled calls.

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