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Telephone Answering companies and hidden charges

In these tricky economic times, no one needs to be paying unnecessary or hidden charges. So here are a few things to consider when choosing a telephone answering provider for your business.

1. Does your telephone answering provider round up minutes? This is a classic and we believe unreasonable approahc taken by most telephone answering companies and can add between 50-75% to the invoice you are expecting? Why pay more for this – it is crazy, especially when there are better alternatives. #beware hidden charges

2. Does your telephone answering provider charge for transferring calls? If you have this concern, then you may not opt for it in your call handling procedures, which is particularly a shame if your business is strongly ‘new sales’ driven as you can lose some momentum.

2. Does your telephone answering provider continue to charge once the call is connected? Yep, that’s right, if you have an hour long call on the other side of a transfer, some companies will charge you for it!

3. What is the charge when you go over your minute allowance? This is often the real sting, a package cost can look OK, but when you go over those minutes, it really hurts. The minute price shoots up. #beware hidden charges

4. Do they charge for changes to your service? If you have a new employee, just want to update your availability or add a new product, then there is often an “admin” charge.

Perfect Reception has industry leading prices and outstanding customer service. We don’t charge additionally for ANY of these points. So if you would like perfect calls every time from an organisation that puts their client’s first, then please contact us

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