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What should Telephone Answering Packages Cost?

There are important considerations to always ask your potential provider for telephone answering services aside from the ‘headline’ telephone answering service package rates. Whoever you choose, its worth checking the following:

A: Does the telephone answering supplier charge for transferring calls?

B: Does the telephone answering supplier charge calls once transferred

C: Does the telephone answering supplier ‘round’ up to the nearest minute?

D: Does the telephone supplier charge unnecessary ‘service’ costs?

Point C is particularly important. If a company charges to the nearest minute or even half minute, then at £1 per minute the average cost of a 1 minute 30 second call isn’t £1.50, it is £2. Which adds up. Quickly.

Very few businesses in the UK operate without healthy competition these days, and those that are lucky enough to do so, won’t for very long as others will enter the market. Whether you are a consumer or a business looking for a service, you can rightly expect if you shop around to get the very best price. Telephone answering companies, don’t have huge capital start up costs but the very best ones will provide a fantastic reception service for every one of their customers delivered in a tailored fashion, both promptly and professionally. For us that means recruiting great people, with the right incentives and the right atmosphere to stay with us and enjoy their roles. It means the right level of technology investment to ensure every call is answered promptly and with 100% reliability on the telecoms, broadband and power. And it means dedicated leadership and management.

We have designed our business from day one on the fact that whilst offering all of the above, we price transparently and clearly – and we are yet to see a competitor that matches our packages, like for like.

We’d give three very clear pieces of advice:

  1. The sweet spot is not necessarily the largest in the market (and the larger specialist providers turn over £10million +). When you buy from them you will pay a heavy premium for the brand, the considerable marketing, several layers of management with accompanying inefficiencies. All this in the real world may double what you need to pay. They will tell you the return is in the wonderful service they provide due to their scale. But telephone answering is a matter of appropriate resourcing against a specific service, and as long as you deliver the points discussed in question 2, we would argue scale doesn’t mean better.

  2. The more volume the lower the unit cost – although only to a point, and we offer a fantastic lowest level start point for our telephone answering packages. The base level that we can generally price at around 78p per minute and with honest transparent pricing and factoring offering a fantastic service with the legal requirements every business has to do adhere to in the UK, we don’t believe that could be beaten unless a company is loss leading. And if they are loss leading, you can guarantee the price won’t last. We will guarantee no price rises for 12 months, although we will try to stick to our prices for as long as possible and even in the current climate have customers who haven’t had a price change since they joined us.

  3. Beware of anything that seems too good to be true – if you have got to the bottom of these guidance page, firstly thanks for reading, and we hope you are more informed, we certainly think you are well equipped to find the right supplier for you. It’s also fair to say that you will be armed with the knowledge to ensure that all the boxes need to be ticked to ensure you get a great service, at a great price. Remember: people, technology, reliability, competitive pricing and just plain trust are the key considerations. If it smells wrong, trust your instinct.

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