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Telephone answering for clinics

Calling all clinics, whether you are podiatrists, chiropractors, reflexologists or physios! We understand you are all trying to juggle the patient in front of you and the one ringing you. That’s why our telephone answering for clinics service is second to none.

Clinics often have many appointment changes, which it is vital to stay on top of to keep the business efficient. Add in that the appointment is about someone’s personal health and therefore they prefer to call, and you can see why running a busy clinic and treating patients can be all consuming and it would be easy to miss calls.

But don’t worry, at Perfect Reception we have great solutions to help, and we can work along side existing staff or independently.
Our experience means your core team can be working without distraction and you can gain time to focus on other aspects of the business you love. All whilst your patients receive the best customer service.

So if you are a clinic owner, who would like to keep their overheads low but appointment bookings high please contact us on 020-3970-5550 or, where we can talk through what is best for your clinic without any obligation.

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