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Telephone Answering for Duty Solicitors

In the UK someone who has been arrested for a crime is entitled to legal representation. And if they don’t have their own solicitor already, they are entitled to have a duty solicitor. However telephone answering is a problem when duty solicitors need to be in court and being on your phone in court is not really acceptable! And their team are busy preparing for all their other cases. So that’s where we come in…
Duty solicitors are found through an organisation called the Defence Solicitor Call Centre (or DSCC for short). The police contact them, who then contact the solicitor. We act of behalf of our duty solicitor clients by accepting the suitable work and taking the required details, allowing them to effectively be in two places at once. The DSCC requires phone calls to be answered and handled in a very specific and clearly very confidential way and it is important each call is handled promptly and impeccably – that’s why so many duty solcitors rely on Perfect Reception for their needs in this respect.

If you are a duty solicitor, why not give us a call on 020-3970-5550 or email (who looks after our ‘legal services clients’) to see how we can help you capture and accept those DSCC calls?

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