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Ensuring a call never gets missed for our property clients

Whether a holiday letting management company operating on behalf of owners across the UK, through to a busy chain of estate agents; at Perfect Reception we understand the unique pressures working in the Property sector business can bring. Property can be a particularly emotive sector in business. From a commercial perspective it can bring complicated dynamics between those undertaking transactions; and when it comes to estate agents dealing with and finalising house transactions, for buyers and sellers it can be an incredibly stressful and time critical period. In the leisure property sector with holiday rentals and short term lets, ensuring timely communication and accessibility should there be problems with, or questions around the property is critical if your business is to maintain a great reputation with both owners and holiday makers alike. We have found that our customers in this sector often haven’t outsourced their telephone answering requirements before, but when they do they are delighted both with our assistance with restoring a little work life balance in their teams lives, as well as being delighted with the knowledge that all incoming telephone calls are dealt with in the same professional, friendly and consistent manner.

Solutions for Telephone Answering in the Property Sector

Our experience in answering telephones in the Property Sector shines through

We understand the importance to customers of being able to access information, as well as our clients needs to manage expectation in dealing with domestic house transactions or the lettings side of property, and we tailor our response to the exacting specification of every client. Our clients will often provide access to their back-end CRM or management software so straightforward queries can be answered quickly and professionally, and we understand the importance of politely managing customers expectations should we have been briefed to do so. The property sector is fast paced with notoriously high pressure and expectations on those employed in it, but by using Perfect Reception as their virtual telephone answering service, we have seen many clients comment on how much positive feedback they receive once they engage with our services.

The importance of dialogue and occasionally managing expectations

We answer hundreds of property related enquiries a day for our customers, and all of this comes through a dedicated team that have specialist training. Often we will not be dealing with other businesses, but residential or leisure customers who may have questions, or time specific enquiries, and we pay attention to each customer and do our very best to provide them with the right information, or manage their expectations in line with our clients instructions.

A happy customer, is a positive referral and an importance source of future business

In a sector where businesses are often having to deal with many different customers at differing times with very different needs; sometimes, particularly toward the latter stage of a project, customers may feel that their needs aren’t being met, or perhaps get frustrated with not being able to have a timely update or reach one of the team. This is where the Telephone Answering service offered by Perfect Reception can make all the difference. Even where delays happen or frustration builds, being able to speak to someone representing the company, who can at the very least give reassurance that progress is being made, or their issue is being addressed, can make the difference between our client ultimately dealing with a reassured customer or one that has let their anger boil over. We always end to aim phone calls positively and with reassurance, and that can make a key difference to the ultimate success of our client’s businesses.

We only deliver the messages you ask us to, and we are exacting to your requirements

Every client has a difference view on the extent to which they wish us to engage with their customers, and the level of detail they wish us to enter into. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your business, as briefed by you. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that we represent you exactly as briefed, nothing more and nothing less.

We rest our case on our experience and our testimonials, why not try with a free trial yourself?

We understand there can be peak times for any business when you need additional help, so why not take the opportunity of a free 14 day trial? We ask for nothing in return except to judge us on the quality of our telephone answering service, and we don’t ask you to enter into long term agreements, we firmly believe that as long as you look after your customer and provide terrific value for money, unless circumstances change there is no reason for them to go elsewhere but they should always have that option – it keeps us on our toes!

What People Are Saying

"We have used Perfect Reception for some time now to manage our overflow in peak periods, we have been incredibly happy with how they handle our calls and gather the required information from our customers. Highly recommended!"
Stuart Cotterell