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For legal firms who pride themselves on the best client service

Solicitor Partnerships as well as Barristers’ Chambers and all manner of other businesses operating in the Legal Sector will deal with a huge breadth of people and complex requirements every day. Their success lies in delivering a fantastic service and support through trust, impeccable knowledge, and efficient, effective communication with their clients. At Perfect Reception, our single largest dedicated team works with companies in the Legal sector, who come to us for their Telephone Answering and Virtual Reception in the knowledge that we are a committed part of their business who understands the role we need to play in ensuring they achieve their success.  Telephone answering for the Legal Sector demands an impeccably polite and professionally managed response to every call, as well as understanding the incredibly detailed requirements of the company for whom you are the first line of response. At Perfect Reception, our boutique Legal team telephone answering service takes thousands of calls for our Legal Sector clients every day and each one is as unique as each of the client’s requirements. We understand the importance of tone, timeliness, and following instructions by the letter, which is why we have never let down or lost a customer in the Legal Sector since the day we started.

Solutions for Telephone Answering in the Legal Sector

We understand how telephone answering response needs will differ

From a person who has been accused of committing a crime wishing to speak to their duty Solicitor through to a large corporate law firm with high net worth, highly valued clients; we appreciate that every-day life changing conversations happen between legal representatives and their clients, and it will often be the most important call an individual makes that day, week or even that year. Emotions can run high, and expectations of exacting call handling uncompromising, which is why we train our team constantly in this important sector of the importance of tone, professionalism, succinct call handling and efficiency. Every call is different, but the requirement to manage every call impeccably is consistent.

The very differing nature of Law firms

Law firms, particularly those working in property conveyancing or other high volume transactional sectors, will have vastly different call handling requirements to others who may only represent a small number of particularly important clients. Firms specialising in litigation can be dealing with time sensitive issues, representing individuals in emotionally fraught events. Some firms dealing with individuals accused of criminality will always be acutely aware of the huge emotional burden that their clients are dealing with. Perfect Reception manages the reception and telephone answering across all these areas, and our teams are specifically trained and managed to oversee calls as advised by, and appropriate to each firm. No two companies in the Legal Sector are the same, and a ‘generic’ call answering solution by a large impersonal call centre should never, ever be an option.

We do not invoice by the minute; we invoice by the second

From a purely commercial standpoint, we understand that what businesses and individuals operating in the Legal Sector have in common is that it is all about efficiency of time. These businesses tend to invoice their time against hours worked, and like any business or to an even greater extent, efficiency and accountability are of paramount importance. That is why we go one step further than competitors in the telephone answering sector. We charge to the nearest second. We do not ‘round up’ to the nearest minute (which can double the average call length, thus doubling what you should be paying). We are open, transparent, and accountable, and the delivery of our product is praised daily not just by our clients, but the customers they serve. So, in this instance, you do not need to pay a premium for a boutique level telephone answering service.

Surprised by our low costs, but thrilled by our level of service; we have great testimonials, so why not try our services for free before making your decision?

As a business run by long standing experienced Directors, we are young enough to have designed a bespoke service around excellent pricing; but established enough to have the expertise and skills to successfully and impeccably manage thousands of legal sector calls daily. No customer is the same, and we answer each call as a true representative of our client, as if they had selected and briefed the perfect front of house receptionist in-house. We understand that you should not need to take our word for it though, so why not take a two-week free trial with absolutely no obligation on your part? We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, so welcome the opportunity to surprise and delight you with our services.

What People Are Saying

"Perfect Reception truly provide an excellent service. They are professional in their handling of your client calls and I only wish I had transferred my business to them earlier. I find their delivery of service is underlined with professionalism and a dedication to do the best they can for your business. Thank you Perfect Reception."
Claudia Francois