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You can’t take Customer Enquiries when you are up a Ladder

From builders to plumbers, to scaffolding businesses, skip companies, plumbers, electricians or decorators; we know from our experience that the very best of these businesses whether large or small are run by people that are ‘hands on’. That means being on site, giving direction to their teams and looking after their projects which can often be not only labour intensive but complex and time consuming. Of course, that can mean even for the larger operators, missed opportunities for great projects in the future. The start of a conversation with a prospect for any trade work will be their first opportunity to form an opinion on that business. That’s why we work with the best tradespeople to ensure that first enquiry call is handled with brilliant professionalism in exactly the way we are briefed. The best tradespeople understand that it is good work that delivers more business, but you won’t get the opportunity to do good work without a professional conversation at the start of the enquiry.

Experience counts for a lot

Just as our customers would say that there’s no substitute for experience working in specific trades, our experience in managing calls and enquiries for a variety of trade and services businesses counts for a great deal. Often our customers will want a specific tone or need us to use quite specific instructions in the way we handle different incoming queries. Every business and individual is different and we take instructions to the letter and execute them tailored to every customer.

No Job too Large

From large wholesale electrical component suppliers operating from specialist premises with large teams, through to busy tradespeople that just employ a small team to work on specific jobs, we work with everyone. In particular, we look after new and existing customers for businesses that have a lot of traditional enquiries via the phone such as skip and scaffolding companies to ensure they never miss important new business.

We can keep it simple

Our technology is always up to date and our people are consistently trained to ensure that whatever channel your customers prefer to use, we have it covered. From our perspective, we operate from your instruction, so setting up our service for your business will be as straightforward as you need it to be, but we will always operate exactly to your instruction.

We offer the best prices in the business but never compromise on quality

Our business has been designed from the outset to offer the best prices in the Industry. We keep our teams efficient and motivated, and we look after our people. We never compromise on the quality of our service, but you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be offered the very best price and there is nothing unexpected and no hidden charges. You pay us to the nearest second for the services we offer. It’s that simple.

What People Are Saying

"Perfect Reception truly provide an excellent service. They are professional in their handling of your client calls and I only wish I had transferred my business to them earlier. I find their delivery of service is underlined with professionalism and a dedication to do the best they can for your business. Thank you Perfect Reception !!!"
Claudia Francois