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The benefits of a Telephone answering service

Today’s thought-provoking shows the benefits of call answering and the quote comes from Thomas Boone Pickens Jr. He was an American business magnate, financier, and philanthropist. Pickens became a prominent figure in the energy industry, particularly known for his work in oil and natural gas. He founded Mesa Petroleum in 1956, which later became one of the largest independent oil companies in the USA.

In the later years of his career, he shifted his focus to renewable energy and environmental causes. Beyond his business endeavours, he was a well-known philanthropist, contributing significantly to educational and medical institutions.

What we at Perfect Reception admire most about Pickens is his clear understanding that greater levels of communication happen over a phone call, and what a big difference to any business that can make!

If you would like a professional telephone answering service for your business to aid with those important calls and your time, then contact us on 020-3970-5550 for a no obligation discussion as to how we can help.

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