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The art of great communication in business

The art of communication in business is encapsulated in today’s thought-provoking quote which comes from John Powell, the English composer, best known for his scores in motion pictures. He has composed over fifty feature film’s scores.

Communication is part of the foundation for any successful working relationship. And it takes time to become skilled at it. And here at Perfect Reception is is the bedrock of everything we do. Whenever a call comes through via our telephone answering service to one of our team, the caller may have a million different reasons for calling, but the fact is they made the call and it was important to them to engage with one of our clients. They are not just a number. They are an individual with a specific query or issue and they need to be treated with not just prompt professionalism but compassion and kindness. From everyone of our clients perspectives, they need to know that we understand their business and the individuals in their business just as well as they would expect from one of their own. Because our team members representing their clients see themselves as that.

Perhaps that is why attention to detail and all the points above are constantly mentioned in our google reviews.

All our telephone answering service team at Perfect Reception are trained in the use of positive language, true listening skills, and conflict pacification.

To find out more about how our professional busienss telephone answering service can help with your company’s communications, please contact us on 020-3970-5550,

We can save you money, but more importantly we will make a difference everytime you get a telephone call.

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