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Want more than just a message?

Some telephone answering companies put restrictions on the information that you can ask the caller for. Others let you do it, but call it by another name so they can charge you more for it. But at the end of the day, it’s your business, you are the client, so why should they dictate that?
Here are some of the requirements our receptionists, at Perfect Reception, do as standard for our clients….
– Tracking marketing campaign sources for new enquiries,
– Search for a property on multiple systems to find the correct agent dealing with it, it’s availability and other details.
– Attempt multiple transfers in certain occasions, such as verifying bank details.
– Providing and taking information about food allergies in relation to menus.
– Updating medical record details, whilst managing appointments.

Please don’t settle for ‘just a message’, contact us today to find out how much more you can have for much less*.

*on average we are half the cost of other leading providers.

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