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Why not switch your Telephone Answering?

In a cost comparison quote for a telephone answering service this week, we found a substantial saving of 41% for our new clients! Not only that, but we were able to review the call reports and make subtle changes to the call handling that will increase the efficiency and benefit their business going forward.

How has Perfect Reception managed such an impressive figure without compromising on quality?…
– By calculating the monthly minutes as a total, not restarting a new minute with every call. So 30 seconds is just that, not double it.
– By not charging additionally for transfers, once a call has been connected or any changes (such as a new filtering question or employee).
– By having a fair and honest package structure i.e. the cost doesn’t shoot up just because you were busy and went over the ‘included’ minutes.

Changing service providers can be nerve wrecking, but it doesn’t need to be. The process is actually simple and at Perfect Reception, we even provide a completely free trial (yes, that trial can be achieved whilst with your current provider). We do this so you can feel confident and experience our services without further obligation. We also don’t take payment details in advance and stopping the trial only requires swapping your divert number back over. And we are happy to do all this because we are confident in our high levels of service.

If you would like to discuss switching your telephone answering provider and making a saving, then please contact us on 020 3970 5550. Or pop the director an email at, where she would be happy to talk through the differences with you or provide a precise cost comparison quote.

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