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Would you work with your Spouse?

Recently I’ve noticed a distinct increase in couples on my consultation calls. Which I must say is lovely. But running a business with your partner is not always easy.

As I’ve worked with my husband for over 16 years on and off and we are both still alive (and still married!), I thought I might pass on my top 3 tips.

1. Have very distinct areas of the business to work on with an easy definition. This is not just for you, but your staff too. (Comment from Husband – ‘Also have distinct areas in the house during the day if you both work from home’.)

2. Ring a ‘last orders’ for discussion bell in the evening. (Comment from Husband – ‘The only place where Last Orders also coincides with the bar opening’).

3. Realise not agreeing on everything is a strength. It makes you come to the best solution for the company as a whole. (Comment from Husband – ‘Or create a massive row occasionally’).

Could you work with your partner? And if you do, what are your tips? (Comment from Husband – ‘Know when not to Comment’)
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